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Popular Family Friendly Dogs You Should Consider in a Puppy Adoption

A puppy adoption in San Diego gives you the chance of giving a dog a permanent home. This is, however, not a decision you should ever make lightly. This is particularly so if you are considering a family dog. In this post, we shall be taking a quick look at the most popular family-friendly dogs you can consider picking in a dog shelter.

Golden retriever
If you need the perfect farm dog, the Golden Retriever will make a great choice. This is the option most families make in a dog adoption. The reason for this is because this breed is confident, smart, kind and very loyal. It is neither timid nor aggressive. It is a very patient breed that is a great match for children.

The reason why this breed is perfect for the farm life is because it requires lots of exercising. It actually does best with a job. The best thing is that he loves to play and this can help shed off the excess energy.

Labrador retriever
Another great option for a farm dog is the Labrador retriever. This is a very playful, loving, patient, reliable and protective breed. It makes a great choice in a dog rescue in San Diego. It is good to note that this breed is very intelligent and easy to train. Just like the Golden retriever, you have to be ready for lots of exercises. They love swimming too. You will love the stamina, strength and obedience of the Labrador retriever.

This is a breed best known for its distinctive haircuts. It is a gentle and very smart dog. You can find both standard and miniature sizes in a shelter. Feel free to pick the specific size that works best for you. The beauty of this breed is that it is cute and great with kids. What is more is that they shed very little. This means they will be great for kids with allergies.

Irish setter
If you want a unique dog, the Irish setter will be a good choice in a puppy rescue. The dog has a red coat and is very playful. It enjoys being around people and loves playing with kids. This is a dog breed that loves so much human company that it hates being alone. They are at their best behavior when surrounded by family. Lots of exercises are needed.

There are many more breeds that you can go with. Additional ones worth mentioning are the Vizsla, Newfoundland, Collie, Bull Terrier, Beagle and the Bull Dog. Make sure you understand the temperament and care needs of each breed before proceeding with a puppy adoption in San Diego.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Family Dog for Adoption

A dog adoption in San Diego is a decision that has to be made after serious consideration. You are not just bringing home a cute pet but also an animal that needs to be exercised, trained, fed, groomed and to be taken to the vet. As a matter of fact, it takes more to care for a dog than it does to care for a cat. With that being said, let’s take a quick look at the vital considerations you should make prior to adopting a dog for your family.

The number one thing you need to do before going through with the puppy adoption is to understand the temperament of the dog breed you are targeting. Temperament is basically the personality of the dog. For a family dog, you need to search for agreeable temperament. You need a breed that is calmer and able to form strong bonds and be a remarkable companion for the kids. The assistants at the dog shelter will let you know if the dog you are after is good for a family. However, it pays to do your own research.

How big the dog is will also matter. When considering size, you need to do so in relation to temperament and energy level. Imagine bringing home an aggressive dog that is massive in size. Such a dog will be hard to control and will keep knocking your kids over. If you must go with a large dog, make sure that it has a calmer personality. Smaller dogs are not easy to care for either. Some of them are quite excitable. Don’t make the decision of a dog rescue in San Diego without first understanding if the dog will do well with your family. Remember that some breeds are obsessive. Such breeds might not be a good choice for a large family.

Energy level
While still considering the energy of a dog breed, you need to understand that the more energetic he is the more exercises he will need. You have to be realistic about your lifestyle before proceeding with a puppy rescue. If there is nobody at home most of the time, you don’t need a very energetic dog. This is because if you don’t give him enough exercises, he will develop behavioral problems or even become stressed.

Last but not least, you must consider the health of the breed you are going for. Some dogs are more prone to health issues than others. You also need to consider its lifespan. You have the option of going for a dog that has a short lifespan of 7 years or one that is as long as 15 years. Once you establish a strong bond with him, losing him will be hard.

These are the vital considerations you need to make before going through with a dog adoption in San Diego. Make sure you and your family is ready for the new companion before signing the papers.

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Puppy Adoption – What You Need to Understand About Caring for a Dog after an Adoption

A puppy adoption in San Diego is not for everyone. The decision to adopt is one you need to make after evaluating your lifestyle and the care needs of the target dog. At times, even the most attractive dog can be difficult to deal with. Researching the temperament of your target dog breed will help you know if the dog is right for you or not. In addition to that, you need to give the dog the best care. Here are the main things you need to think about when caring for a dog.

Training and exercising is a must
Most puppies are untrained. This is because by the time you are going ahead with the puppy rescue, they haven’t yet attained the age of being trained. It is hence your duty to make arrangements for training. Failure to train a puppy properly and early will lead to behavioral problems. Find a good dog trainer in your area and have your puppy trained.

Regardless of whether he is trained or not, every dog needs to be exercised. This is done to shed the excess natural energy. If you don’t exercise him, he will start showing behavioral problems. He will be destructive as he tries to deal with the excess energy. Some dogs just need to be walked once a day while with others you have to jog with them and exercise them at least twice a day. Some breeds are not ideal for apartment life. They do well with a job or with an open field where they can play. Make sure you understand the care needs of the dog before going through with the dog adoption. The assistant at the shelter will be happy to give you tips on how to care for your dog.

Grooming is a must
Grooming is important. The fur of your dog will need to be brushed regularly. This is done to keep it from getting tangled and to remove excess hair more so when he is shedding. You will also need to brush his teeth, trim his nails and also trim the fur. Make sure you understand all the grooming needs of the dog before considering a dog rescue in San Diego.

Be cautious of what he eats
Last but not least, you should not feed your dog human food. Dogs require special food which must be rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. These are required for healthy growth. You must also note that dogs have a risk of gaining weight. Only use nutritious dog foods and don’t over feed him.

These are the essential things you need to do after a puppy adoption in San Diego. If you are not comfortable giving a dog the care it deserves, then an adoption or rescue might just not be for you. Don’t rescue a dog from a shelter only to make him suffer in your house.

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Dog Adoption – Essential Things to Think About before a Dog Adoption

A dog adoption in San Diego is the noblest thing to do. It is, however, good to note that this is not an option for everyone. Not everyone will be able to care for a dog and give it the attention it needs. If you are considering the option of adopting a dog, here are the main things you have to think about before going through with the decision.

Don’t make hasty decisions
The first thing is to think keenly about the decision. Caring for a dog is not as easy. You have to get him the right food, make time for training and exercising and also make arrangements for checkups. If you have a tight day schedule, caring for the dog will be hard. The amount of time investment needed will further depend on the breed you bring home. Some breeds are more demanding than others. With that being said, before going through with a puppy adoption, it is imperative that you take the time to evaluate your lifestyle, finances and the care needs of the breed you are about to bring home.

Get your home ready
Once you are sure about the decision to adopt, you can go ahead and fill out the paperwork. The next step before bringing the pet home is to get your home ready. You need to get rid of all the things that can harm your dog. You also need to buy him a bed, crate and nutritious food. Your family needs to be aware of your decision to adopt a new dog. Don’t forget to buy toys and to get the contacts of the local veterinarian.

Be ready to change your schedule
Another very important thing you must do before bringing a pet home after a dog rescue is to make alterations to your schedule. If you live alone and you adopt a dog, you need to be aware that you can no longer spend the night out. When travelling, you have to make arrangements for someone to care for your dog while away. It is also good to pick favorable feeding schedules for your new pet.

Dog tags and micro-chipping is a must
Last but not least, you need to get dog tags and micro-chipping. This will be required for restraining and identifying your dog. The last thing you want is to complete the process of a puppy rescue only for him to end up back on the streets because you cannot find him. Micro-chipping ensures that your dog can be identified. Your name and contact details will be easy to find.

These are the crucial things you have to think about before proceeding with a dog or puppy adoption in San Diego. Make sure you are ready for the adoption before taking any action. The last thing you want is to bring home the loveliest dog only to take him back to the shelter because you made a bad decision. Doing this will stress the dog.

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Things You Should Do Before Going through with a Puppy Adoption

puppy adoptionAfter a puppy adoption in San Diego, the worst thing that can happen is for you to realize that you are not ready to commit. This has happened to most people. Often this happens after making hasty decisions about an adoption. Other times, people go after a dog breed they can’t afford to care for. If you are thinking about adopting a dog, here are the important things you need to do before taking any adoption step.

Are you really ready to commit?
In a dog adoption, the shelter will take you through a vigorous interview. This is meant to determine if you are fit to provide a home for your desired dog. Often, students have difficulty adopting a dog because of the habit of most students to abandon their dogs once they complete their studies. Prior to contacting a dog shelter, you need to answer these questions:

  • Do you have to the time to walk your dog every day?
  • Will you remember to feed him on time?
  • Are you always at home or is there someone in your house that will care for the dog?

If you answered no to any of these questions, an adoption is not the best option for you. Adopting a dog is more like having a child. You have to feed, groom and spend time with him every day. If you answered no, it is better to go with a low-maintenance pet like a fish.

Is there a veterinarian in your area?
If you can’t find a vet in your area, it will not be wise to go ahead with a dog rescue in San Diego Dogs need to be taken to the vet regularly; even when they are healthy. The vet will be able to catch health problems before they become unmanageable and also give you tips on how to care for your pet.

Is your home pet friendly?
You need to make your home safe for a new pet. Start by eliminating toxic plants, covering exposed electrical cords and get rid of all other hazardous items. You also need to buy your dog a bed, toys and nutritious meals. You will also have to buy a crate and learn more about crate training.

Set time for socializing and training
Last but not least, you need to make changes to your schedule. After a puppy rescue, you will no longer be able to sleep out. You will have to come home to care for your dog. You also need to set time for socializing and training. An untrained dog will develop undesired behavioral issues. The case is the same if you don’t exercise your dog sufficiently.

If you are okay with these points, you can go ahead with the puppy adoption in San Diego. Find a good shelter in your area and pick out a dog breed that you can comfortably care for. Don’t select a dog simply because it is beautiful.

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How Does a Dog Adoption Work?

dog adoptionA dog adoption in San Diego is not a process you should fear. It is also not a process you should be in a hurry to complete. You need to initiate the process after understanding that an adoption will make you the owner of a living being that you will have to care for until its dying day. You also have to account for the financial and time impacts that the new pet will have in your life. Once you are certain you are okay with an adoption, here are the basic steps you will have to take.

Research breeds
The best thing about a puppy adoption is that you can find virtually any dog breed that you want. Prior to picking the cutest puppy, you need to do some research on the breed. Different breeds have varying care needs. Some shed more than others while others have more energy. There are also some breeds that are harder to train and others that are prone to a wider range of health issues. Researching a dog breed means looking at the temperament of your preferred breed, health issues, care needs, life expectancy and so on. The more you learn about a breed the better you will be able to judge if it is the right one for you or not.

Find a shelter
Just because you are going for a puppy rescue in San Diego does not mean you adopt just any pet. There are so many shelters and not all of them will give you the support you need to make an informed choice. Therefore, you need to spend time researching a shelter. Where do they get the dogs from? Do they offer pure breeds? Do they make contributions to charitable organizations? You also need to listen to what people are saying about the shelter. The more favorable the reviews are the better. Family and friends, and adoption events will help find the best shelter to go with.

Book an appointment
Once you have settled on a shelter, the next step is to browse through their pets. Once you find a pet that you love, you need to make arrangement for an interview. This is required to determine if the pet you have selected is a good fit for you. You should then fill out the application forms. For this initial appointment, you need to set aside at least two hours. You may be allowed to leave the shelter with your selected pet or you may have to wait.

These are the three crucial steps you need to understand about a dog rescue or adoption. You will be required to make a small payment. The fee is set by the adoption partner. Before you bring the dog home, make sure that you have made your home safe for the new pet.

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Why You Should Opt for a Pit Bull in a Dog Adoption

Thinking about a dog adoption? Why not go for a pit bull? Pit bulls are dog breeds that have been known to make sweet and very loyal family dogs. The process of adopting a pit bull is also fun and joyful. You get to bring home a new addition to your family that will never disappoint or betray you. However, before you go ahead with the option, there are a couple of tips you should consider using.

Socialization is a must
When it comes to any puppy adoption in San Diego, it is good to note that it is through socialization that you will end up with a confident and happy dog. Immediately after an adoption, you need to enroll your new dog to a puppy class where time will be spent dealing with behavioral problems and socializing them. You will also need to spend a considerable amount of time each day with your dog. Doing so will help with bonding.

Pit bulls are enthusiastic learners
One of the reasons why most people go for a pit bull dog rescue is because this is a breed that is always eager to learn. You will love the pace at which they learn new tricks. Most pit bulls tend to graduate ahead of their obedience class.

Play time is essential
Pit bulls are normally moderately active indoors. This is one of the main reasons why they are considered for apartment life. However, they have a lot of energy that needs to be shed. After a puppy rescue, you have to set aside 20 to 30 minutes twice a day for aerobic-level activities with your pit bull. Failure to shed this excess energy will cause your dog to develop behavioral problems that may even cause him to be destructive.

Adopt an older pit bull
Although it is a good idea to go for a puppy adoption, adopting an older pit bull is a far better choice. This is because you will get exactly what you are seeing. This is unlike puppies which might grow into something completely different. Don’t be afraid of the older dogs. They too can be socialized and trained to fit in your life.

Set a good example
An important point you need to understand about dogs is that they are a reflection of you. If you are unhappy, your dog will tend to be unhappy too. You need to be a good example for him. Show him the love and care he deserves. Don’t adopt a dog only to make him suffer in your home.

All things considered, whether you go for a pit bull or any other dog breed, a dog adoption in San Diego is the best option. Buying a dog from a shelter means he has had initial health evaluation and will have been vaccinated. Always ask to see the results of the dog’s evaluation.

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How to Get Your House Ready After a Puppy Adoption

Prior to bringing him home after a puppy adoption in San Diego, it is imperative that you get your house ready. This will include a number of things which include sealing the garbage cans and eliminating all the dangerous decorations. You will also need to keep the toxic foods, unfriendly pet plans and other dangerous household items out of paw’s reach. Here are a couple of suggestions you should consider using when getting your house ready for a new canine companion.

Get him a bed
It is obvious that your new pet will need somewhere to sleep. After a dog adoption and before you bring him home, you need to get him a cozy bed. You will also need to pick a room for him. Pets are more likely to keep off your furniture if they have a cozy and attractive alternative.  For the first night, the new puppy might be disoriented and might end up making a mess. The best place for him should be a room that is easy to clean. The kitchen will be a good place to place his bed.

Confine your new dog to one place when you are away
You will be amazed by how much mess an uncomfortable puppy can cause. He will knock over anything and chew through your furniture and walls. To keep him from causing immense damages to your home or harming himself, you need to confine him to one room or spot while you are away. You can use dog crates and gates to keep him in one place. You need to do that until him house manners earn unsupervised freedom. You can get help from the shelter on how to treat him after a puppy rescue.

Provide ‘legal’ things for him to chew
Chewing things doesn’t refer to food. Over feeding your dog will cause more problems than just weight gain. For the legal chewing things, you need to get him toys. Get him attractive bones and toys to chew on. They will keep him busy and also make his teeth strong. Without toys, he will tend to gnaw on your valuables.

Understand his care needs
Last but not least, before you go ahead with a dog rescue in San Diego, it is critical that take the time to understand the requirements of the breed you are going for. Some shed more while others need to be fed with care and so on. The more you learn about the breed the better.

With the right care, dogs are very social animals that will liven up your life. You just need to be sure that you are ready to go ahead with the dog adoption in San Diego. Dog ownership is not for everyone so tread carefully.

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Dog Adoption – Important Points You Need to Understand About a Dog Adoption

A dog adoption is something you should do after much deliberation. You are about to bring home a living thing that you have to care for for the rest of its life. The last thing you want is to have to send it back to the breeder just because you can no longer afford to give it the care it needs. Dogs have emotions and sending him back will depress him. Before you consider a dog rescue, here are important points you need to have.

Ensure you can afford it
The mistake people make during a puppy adoption in San Diego is that of only focusing on the cost of buying the puppy. There are other costs that you have to account for. You have to understand that dogs require a lot of care. This can cause the costs to go really high. You will have to spend money at the vet’s clinic, buying food, bedding, collar and harness, toys, grooming and so much more. Make sure that your wallet can handle the costs of caring for a dog.

Dog tags are a must
Even before you bring a puppy home, you have to plan for a dog tag or micro-chipping. Accidents do happen and your dog can run off. When someone finds him, you want them to be able to contact you. That is why dog tags and micro-chipping are so important. You need to buy a collar with the proper tags that have the name of your dog and your phone number. Micro-chipping is a more advanced way of ensuring you find your dog if you ever get separated.

Dogs need to be groomed
For your dog to be healthy, you have to groom him properly. Dogs need their teeth to be brushed and their hair brushed. Grooming is something you have to account for before going for any puppy rescue. Some breeds require more grooming attention than others. You also need to note that you might be allergic to the fur. If you are allergic to the fur but still want to go ahead with the adoption, you need the dog that sheds the least.

Dogs get sick
Depending on your dog breed, you will have to get ready for illnesses from time to time. The larger dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia. Others are prone to heart problems and even eye problems. Prior to going for a dog adoption in San Diego, you need to make sure that you understand what the breed you are opting for is prone to.

The more you learn about a dog before an adoption the better. You also have to think about your family. Larger dogs will not be a good fit for families with kids. This is because of the risk of them knocking kids down. Consider your lifestyle, family and finances before picking a dog.

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Puppy Adoption – How to Pick a Puppy from a Litter

A puppy adoption is something you should consider after learning more about the breed you are about to bring home. You have to make sure after he matures, he will fit your lifestyle and not be a burden. In this post, we will be taking a look at the things you need to do when deciding on the puppy to go with from a litter.

Visit the litter
The first thing you will need to do is to visit the litter. You must never go for a dog adoption before first seeing the dog in person. Seeing the dog in person will help you see how it interacts with other dogs and if he looks healthy enough. For the puppies, you need to set up a visit with the breeder immediately after the pups are born. You don’t want to pick a pup from a litter where half the litter has already been sold. It is good to note that the breeder will not sell the pups until they are 7 to 8 weeks old.

When consider a puppy rescue in San Diego, it is important to avoid the first litter. You need to ask the breeders which litter this is. You ideally want to buy the pups from the third litter of the mother. The mother has a significant impact on the personality and health of the puppy you bring home. A poor mother will produce a weak litter even with a strong sire. You should talk to the breeder about the health of the mother.

Check the behavior and demeanor of the puppies
The next thing you need to do before a dog rescue is to observe the litter as a whole. You need to take note of how the puppies interact. You want to adopt a puppy that is playful and active. You need to avoid the dominant pups. Don’t buy the largest or the smallest puppy from a litter. The important point to understand is that the healthier the litter is the healthier the puppy you bring home will be.

Focus when examining the puppy you want to bring home should be its health. How healthy is it? You need a visual check of each puppy and select the one that is healthy. Avoid the fat and skinny pups during a puppy adoption in San Diego.

When considering a dog adoption, the most important consideration to make is that on the breed. Learn as much as you can about the dog breed you are going for before making a choice. The last thing you want is to bring home a breed that is prone to myriad health issues or one that you cannot comfortably care for.

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