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     Beagle Puppies

    The San Diego Beagle belongs to the Hound Group and is similar to the Foxhound with the only difference being its small size. The Beagle has shorter legs and long and softer ears. They are small to medium sized dogs that were originally bred for tracking hares and other hunted animals. This is because of their superb sense of smell and heightened tracking instincts.

    The Beagles have been around for over 2,000 years. All in all, it is important to note that the modern day Beagle puppies San Diego were breed in 1830s in Great Britain. By the 1840s, these breeds had already reached the United States. They came into being as a result of breeding several breeds such as the North Country Beagle, Talbot Hound, Southern Hound and even the Harrier. These breeds have been depicted since the times of Elizabethan. They are today seen in films and comics such as Snoopy (Peanuts comic).


    The Beagle puppies San Diego basically resembles the Foxhound only with a shorter muzzle and a broader head. Their skull is smooth and domed. They have a strong jaw which makes a scissor bite. The eyes of the Beagle puppies are larger and brown or hazel in color. They make a pleading look which is hound-like.  The large ears, which are rounded at the tip, turn towards the dog’s cheeks. The neck is strong and of a medium length. The chest is broad but narrows towards the abdomen. When active, the white tipped tail (often described as the flag) is held up thereby making it easy to see the dog. Generally, the dog has a muscular body and a smooth, hard coat.

    Color is the best feature to use when identifying Beagle puppies. The breed comes in a wide range of colors. The white color paired with black areas and shadings of brown are the most common colors. As young puppies, the basic color is usually black on the tricolor breeds. The white shades develop after eight weeks. The dark areas often fade to brown after a year or two. There is also the two-color variety with tan and white being the most common colors. Other colors include red, reddish, orange brown and liver.


    The temper of the Beagle is even and its overall disposition is gentle. They love company though reserved with strangers. They are not good as guard dogs but considerable as watch dogs because of their howl or bark when confronted. They are intelligent but difficult to train because of their single-mindedness. They are obedient despite the fact that they are hard to recall once they pick a scent. These breeds are also distracted by scents because of their high sense of smell.  They are exceptional with kids and other pets hence preferable as pets. What is more is that you have to exercise them regularly to prevent weight gain.


    The females are usually smaller than the males.

    Height: 13 to 16 inches

    Weight: 8.2 to 16 kilograms

    Typical use

    The Beagle puppies are purchased as detection dogs to identify prohibited foodstuffs and agricultural imports. They are also used as pets because of their good health, intelligence, fair temper and size. The breed is also considered for animal testing.



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