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Crucial Supplies for a Senior Dog

dog adoptionIf you are considering a dog adoption in San Diego, you need to think about the dogs that are least likely to be adopted. Senior dogs are rarely adopted. As a result, they end up being euthanized. One thing you need to understand about senior dogs is that they are special not because of their age but because they are obedient and very sweet. If you want to bring home a senior dog, there are certain supplies you will need to get to make his life easier.

Pet stairs
A senior dog is prone to a wide range of health issues among them hip dysplasia and arthritis. This means he will not be as energetic and active as a puppy. Going up a set of stairs or getting on the sofa will not be easy for him. You can make things easy with pet stairs. You, however, don’t want your aging dog to climb up too high as he could fall.

Most people consider dog toys when going for a puppy adoption. Senior dogs also love to play and will love having toys around. There are toys that are designed specifically for the elderly dogs. Toys for senior dogs are made using special rubber that is ideal for the aging teeth of the dog. You will also be able to find toys that can be stuffed with treats. The team in the animal shelter or your vet can give recommendations on the best toys to buy.

Pet diapers
Urinary incontinence is a common problem with the senior dogs. You need to consider buying diapers for your elderly dog. The type of diaper you purchase will depend on your pet. The belly band diapers are perfect. Disposable diapers are also available. You can also go with the option of washable diapers. These are the most comfortable ones to wear. As you get ready for a dog rescue in San Diego, you can ask the team at the shelter for help. They probably sell the pet diapers that you need.

Lifting harness
Hip diseases are common with the senior dogs. These problems can make it hard for the dog to stand up and walk. If your dog is too weak, you should consider buying a lifting harness. This will make it easy for you to support his weak legs. There are many types of harnesses: lifting harnesses, back braces, full body harnesses and rear end harnesses.

Your aging dog will need supplements. The bodies of cats and dogs don’t absorb nutrients as efficiently. This is why you need to give your aging dog supplements. You should also feed him a healthy diet.

Pet camera
After your first puppy rescue, you may want to keep an eye on him every minute. This is what led to the birth of pet cameras. Needless to say, you can also get a pet camera to monitor your aging dog. The camera works like a baby monitor.

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Interesting Facts and Tips for Adopting from an Animal Shelter

A dog adoption in San Diego gives you a chance to not only save a dog from being euthanized but also get the ideal dog at a very great price and also create room for other homeless dogs to be rescued. Even so, this is not something you should rush into. When it comes to an adoption, there are a number of things you will have to do. The objective of this post is to discuss a few facts about shelters and rescues and also to share some tips on how to adopt a dog.

Shelters and rescues
Did you know that the rescues and shelters always have a wide selection of animals that you can adopt? There is a very good chance you will find the exact dog breed you need from a shelter. If you live in the United States, here are a few facts you need to understand about shelters and rescues before proceeding with a puppy adoption.

  • 6 to 8 million animals end up in the shelters every year. Half of these animals never get adopted.
  • 25% of the pets in the shelters are purebreds.
  • Most pets are homeless not because of their fault. Common reasons people give regarding abandoning their pets include moving and landlord issues.
  • Pets in the animal shelters cost much less than the one in pet stores and from breeders.
  • A thorough behavioral analysis is done on each pet to make sure he will be a great fit for your family.
  • You can get advice from rescue and shelter groups when deciding on the pet to adopt.

Away from the facts, let’s now focus on the essential tips you should use. The following tips will help bring home the best dog following a dog rescue in San Diego.

Due diligence is a must
Once you decide to bring home a new pet, the next thing you should do is to identify the best dog breed for your household. You need to check the amount of time and money you can devote to the daily needs of your new pet. If you are always busy, you need a low maintenance dog that doesn’t require lots of exercises. You also need to consider the overall temperament, health and lifespan of the dog breed.

Wait for the perfect one
Don’t be pressured to adopt a dog. Take your time to find the best one. Shelters and rescue groups receive new animals almost on a daily basis. Checking back can help find the dog that is perfect for you. Some shelters also have a waiting list.

Visit the shelter
Last but not least, you need to make time to visit the shelter or rescue center. Not all animals will be listed on their websites. Visiting the shelter will help find the perfect dog breed that you need in a puppy rescue.

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Guide to Help You Understand Dog Gingivitis

After going through with a dog adoption in San Diego, it is your duty to ensure that your dog is well fed, exercised, trained and in perfect health. Needless to say, there are many health issues you will have to deal with in the life of your dog. Some dog breeds are more prone to health issues than others. A common health issue that is easily mistaken for old doggy breath is gingivitis. What is it?

What is gingivitis?
This is the inflammation of the gums. Inflammation in the gums is the first sign of trouble in the mouth of your dog. This is followed by gum disease which is more serious. Identifying this health issues in good time is very important. The good news, however, is that in an animal shelter, they will have diagnosed and treated this issue if your target dog has it. That means chances of bringing home a dog that has gingivitis are very small when using the route of dog or puppy adoption from a reputable shelter.

The main cause of gingivitis is plaque. This is the icky stuff that you floss and brush out every morning and night. Plaque is sticky, soft and colorless. As a result, plaque can go undetected. Focusing on the oral hygiene of your dog is the first step to preventing gingivitis.

Dog gingivitis is not the prettiest thing to look at. The best way to know how it looks like is to view pictures of gingivitis online. Your vet can also provide you with the images. In the early stages, the gums of your dog will appear puffier than normal. You should contact your vet as soon as you notice the inflammation. Other signs you will notice as the disease progresses include the following:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Erythemic gingiva (red gums)
  • Loose teeth
  • Tartar buildup
  • Bleeding gums
  • Excessive drool
  • Stained teeth
  • Pus oozing from gums
  • Reluctance to eat
  • Swollen gums

Can gingivitis be stopped?
This is obviously the first question you will ask when you notice gingivitis. As aforementioned, poor dental hygiene is the root cause of gingivitis. You have to practice proper dental hygiene as soon as you bring your dog home after a dog rescue in San Diego. If the condition has already occurred, it can still be stopped. However, if the disease gets to connective tissues and bone, the damage can be irreversible.

There are many home remedies you can use to treat gingivitis. Maintaining proper dental hygiene is the most important thing. You also need to schedule regular visits to the vet. The sooner the problem is diagnosed the easier it will be to treat.

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Things You Need to Understand About a Dog Adoption

A dog adoption in San Diego is something that most people rush to after learning about the plight of dogs in animal shelters. However, before you run to the nearest animal shelter, it is imperative that you understand the cost and process of adopting a dog. You also need to assess if you are truly ready for the adoption or not. Here are the main things you will have to understand.

Not every dog will be right for you
There are so many animals in the shelters that are in dire need of a loving home. The problem is that you cannot save all of them. Some dog breeds also have a personality that you cannot manage. This is why the first thing you need to do before proceeding with an adoption is to learn more about the dog. Just because you are considering a puppy adoption does not mean the dog will never grow up. Yes the personality of a dog is learnt but certain traits are common in dogs of the same breed. This is why you need match the temperament of a dog to your lifestyle. Learning as much as you can about a dog breed is the key to helping you find the best dog for your home.

It costs money
You should note that an adoption is not free. To raise the money needed to rescue more dogs, animal shelters require that you pay a small fee. The fee for a dog rescue in San Diego ranges from $100 to $350. This might seem like a lot of money but when compared to getting a dog from a breeder or pet store, this is a very cheap price. What is even better is that fact that the dogs in the shelter have had all their shots, have been spayed and are in perfect health. Some will also be micro-chipped already. This means you won’t have to spend more money after an adoption.

It is not always easy
Animal shelters don’t want their rescued dogs to end in the wrong hands or back on the streets. That is why the adoption process is very strict. You will be asked a lot of intruding questions and a background check will have to be done. The representatives at the animal shelter may also have to come to your home to assess your living condition. Not everyone who sets out to adopt a dog succeeds.

You need to create a welcoming home
Last but not least, you will have to create a welcoming home for your new dog. You need to get all the necessary supplies which include dog toys, dog bed, high quality food, dog collar, leash, water bowls and also dog-proof your home. The cost for the initial supplies is between $100 and $200.

Going through with a puppy rescue is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You just need to be prepared for the speed bumps along the way. Always remember that the barriers are there for a good reason.

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How to Keep You Dog from Crying When You Leave

After a dog adoption in San Diego, you will need to make friends with your new dog. The issue is that once you get him home, even long before he starts to trust you fully, he will start to cry each time you leave him alone. This is a very common problem that people get to deal with. The good news, however, is that there is a solution. The following practices will help you avoid the sad, lonely, anxious or bored feeling that causes a dog to cry.

Set a daily routine
The most important thing you need to do as soon as you bring your dog home after an adoption is to set a reliable daily routine. Dogs do best with a routine. Even with a dog you have had for a while, breaking routine will cause problems. To keep him from crying, you need to put him in a consistent, reliable routine. After a puppy adoption, you will have to give him time to adjust. It will take about one to two weeks for the dog to get used to the schedule. The schedule should be the same for eating, exercising and playing each day. Keeping the schedule of your dog the same throughout the week is the key to stopping the crying problem.

Provide daily exercise
Depending on the dog breed you have, the amount of exercise needed will vary. Some dogs, especially the larger ones, need more exercises than others. You need to give your dog regular daily exercise. This will help shed the excess energy that builds up in your dog. Play sessions, jogs or runs will all help shed the excess energy. Exercise has been found to release serotonin in the brain of the dog. Just like humans, serotonin will create a happy calming feeling. You will deal with fewer instances of crying once you exercise your dog sufficiently.

Leave the radio or TV on
Another solution for dealing with the dog crying problem is to leave the TV or radio on when you leave. People talking on the radio or TV will work in calming the dog. This solution will work best after a puppy rescue in San Diego.

Provide a food puzzle toy
Before leaving the house, you can give the food puzzle toy to your dog. The toy will keep him busy trying to get the food out. You need the right size of toy for the size of your dog. For the purpose of rotation, you need to get at least four different toys. Give a different toy each day. The solution will work like a charm after a dog rescue.

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Puppy Adoption – What You Should Expect When Adopting a Dog

Regardless of how noble a puppy adoption in San Diego is, not everyone can be allowed to adopt a dog. The animal shelter works hard to ensure that the dog gets a good loving home and that he will not end up on the streets or suffering with the new owner. That is why the process of adoption is a very stringent one. In ensuring that the dog goes into a happy and loving family, a number of things are done by the animal shelter.

The majority of dog shelters have similar rules when it comes to a dog adoption. The basic process includes the following steps:

  • Filling out and submitting the application form for an adoption
  • Going to an interview with the counselors at the animal shelter.
  • Meeting with the dog you wish to adopt
  • If you pass the interview and find the right dog, you may be required to pay a small adoption fee.

The animal shelter will require that you follow the aforementioned steps in order to ensure that people who end up with the dog from the shelter are not doing it for fun but because they are interested in caring for the dog. The person who is allowed to adopt is one who can prove that they can provide the care, love and long term home for the dog.

Even before you initiate the process of a puppy rescue, it is good to note that the process is not as simple. This is more so when you consider the shelter interview. The questions you will be required to answer will be very personal and quite intruding. Every shelter has its own interview procedure. However, the interviews are structured as honest conversations instead of an exam. The questions are only there to make sure that you can care for the dog.

During the interview, here are some of the questions you might be required to answer:

  • What is your family situation? You will be asked about the number of kids in your home and the number of adults in your household. You also have to answer the question on whether everyone in your home is pro the idea of adopting a dog.
  • What is your housing situation? Do you rent a studio apartment or live in your own home? The interviewer will want to know about the type of property that you have.
  • What previous experience do you have with pets and do you have any pet right now? You will need to give information on the number of pets you have, history with pets and what happened to them.
  • What is your work situation? Caring for a dog takes money. The animal shelter will need to be sure that you have the financial capability to care for the dog.

When you are ready to go with a dog rescue in San Diego, you have to be ready for the intruding questions. You need to remember that the questions are being asked so as to benefit the animal. The staffs are not prying for a good reason.

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Dog Rescue – How to Choose the Right Rescue Dog

A dog rescue in San Diego will help you save a dog from being euthanized and also give other dogs a chance to be rescued. The option is even much cheaper than buying a dog from other places. Even so, you will need to be very careful before you select a dog. In this post, we shall be discussing the steps you will have to take in order to choose the right dog for your family.

Don’t choose because of the looks
One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is that of falling head over heels for a dog simply because it looks amazing. Yes those are the cutest dog eyes you have ever seen but you have to remember that every dog has its own personality and quirks. To find a dog that is right for your character, you will have to look beyond the looks. Do some research on the dog breed that you are targeting in a dog adoption. Some are too active for you and your family. Others will not do well with kids. If you don’t match your personality with the dog, you will have a lot of trouble.

Some dogs have the least chances of being adopted
There are certain dogs in the shelter that have the least chances of being adopted. If you have not yet settled on a specific dog breed, it is good to give the dogs that are least likely to be adopted a chance. Dogs that are least likely to be adopted include:

  • Black dogs
  • Dogs with disabilities
  • Senior dogs

More often than not, the reason for these dogs having a low adoption chance is not because they would not make a perfect companion. Going with the least likely to be adopted dogs will also help you get the best deals from the animal shelter.

Don’t adopt solely out of guilt
The pleading eyes from the dogs in the shelter can make you feel like you should adopt all of them. As much as that would be noble, you will not be able to do that. You should not proceed with a puppy rescue in San Diego because you are certain the dog is good fit for you. You cannot give a good home to all the dogs at the animal shelter. You need to pick the one you can give the most love and care without straining.

Whether you are interested in a senior or a puppy adoption, it is imperative that pick the dog that you will be comfortable caring for. Never rush the process of adoption. Seek advice from the counselors at the shelter.

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What You Need to Understand Before Adopting from a Shelter

dog rescue in San DiegoA dog rescue in San Diego is one of the options you have when interested in buying a new dog. There are so many animal shelters out there. There is a good chance you know of one or more shelters in your area. Even so, not many people consider the option of adoption. Some simply go to the pet stores or contact breeders. In this post, we shall be striving to help you understand why an adoption is a good idea.

Not all dogs are problematic
One of the most important points you should know is that not all dogs in the animal shelter are the problem. There are so many reasons why people abandon their pets or give them up for an adoption. Some reasons are lame such as students abandoning their pets because they are done with school while others are more serious such as divorce. The main reasons why pets are homeless are:

  • Moving
  • Divorce
  • People losing their home or job
  • Unplanned litters resulting from pets not being neutered or spayed
  • Owners feeling they no longer have the time or the desire to care for the pet

When you come to think about it, the dogs are not the problem; their owners are. Only a handful of dogs are troubled. Troubled dogs are the ones that have been abused. If you plan on going with abused dogs in a puppy rescue, you need to be willing to be gentle with him and offer all the training and love needed to build the dog’s trust in you.

It costs much less
When compared to the dog stores and buying from breeders, it costs a lot less to adopt. You will only pay a small fee at the animal shelter. What is more is that the dog you will find for adoption will already be spayed or neutered and will also have gotten its first vaccination. Adult dogs are even trained. This means you will not need to spend a lot of money in training after a dog adoption in San Diego.

It’s a great idea to adopt
The main reason why you should consider an adoption is not because it is a cheaper option to get a dog but because it is a noble thing to do. With approximately 2.7 million pets being euthanized each year in the United States, adopting a dog or cat will keep him from being euthanized. You will also give the animal shelter a chance to rescue more dogs.

A puppy adoption is the best method you can use if you want a new family member. All you have to do is find the breed that will be perfect for you and also pick the best shelter to adopt from.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog from an Animal Shelter

dog adoption in San DiegoA dog adoption in San Diego is not just the right thing to do but it is also a reward. If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, then going with an adoption is the best thing you should do. In this article, we will be covering the top reasons why an adoption is a great thing.

It saves life
Did you know that every year an average of 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats get euthanized in the United States alone? The reason for this is because too many pets are brought into the animal shelters and not many people consider adoption. The number of animals that get euthanized can be reduced significantly if more people adopted pets. A puppy adoption means that you will not only be bringing home a dog that you love but you will also be saving the life of other homeless dogs.

You get a great animal
Animal shelters have a great number of healthy pets that are waiting for someone to give them a permanent home. The pets in the shelter undergo rigorous medical checks and get all the treatment they need. This means even if you are after a dog rescue in San Diego, you will still end up with a dog that is brimming with happiness and health. It is also good to note that most of the animals in the shelter ended up there not because they did something wrong but because of human problems such as moving or divorce.

It costs less
Buying a dog from a pet store will bite into your finances. The cost is even higher if you are buying a dog from a breeder. With the animal shelter, the cost is much less. You only pay a small fee which goes into helping the shelter rescue more pets and into other charities. What is more is that when you adopt from the shelter, the dog will already have been spayed, neutered and vaccinated. These are costs you will deal away with. With most adult dogs, you will also save money on training because they are already trained.

There are many more reasons why you might want to adopt. The important thing is to find the dog breed that will be perfect for you and then find a good shelter for the puppy rescue in San Diego. You also need to be sure that you are ready for an adoption. Make sure that your lifestyle will allow.

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Tips for Buying Someone a Dog as a Pet

A dog adoption in San Diego is not only for the people who want to get a dog for themselves. You can use the adoption to find the perfect gift for a friend. However, it is good to note that buying a dog for yourself and for a friend is very different. This article focuses on the things you need to do when buying a dog for a friend.

Ensure the recipient wants the dog
Not everyone is a dog person. Some people actually stay away from pets because of allergies. The last thing you want when buying a dog is giving it to someone that will not appreciate it. Does the recipient really love dogs or cats? Does his/her lifestyle allow? These are all vital questions you need to answer before you proceed with a puppy adoption. The person you need to buy a dog for is that person who loves dogs and has hinted that they would love to have a dog as a gift.

Ensure they have the time and resources to care for the pet
It is one thing to love dogs and another to be able to care for a dog. For example, if the job of your friend involves travelling a lot, he might not be the best person to give the dog. The reason for this is because dogs crave human company and they need to be fed, groomed and exercised. A person who is always away from home will not be able to give the dog the care it deserves. You also need to make sure that the recipient has the finances needed to buy healthy dog food, take the dog to the vet, properly groom him and also hire a trainer.

Get the right dog breed
Prior to finding a dog shelter for a puppy rescue in San Diego, you will need to do some research on different dog breeds. You then need to match the care needs of the dog to the lifestyle of the recipient. Pairing the new pet to the right owner means spending time to understand the lifestyle of the recipient and the amount of involvement the recipient might want. Don’t just pick any dog breed. Some require more attention than others.

Making these considerations will help find the best dog for your friend or loved one. While completing the paperwork for the dog rescue, ask the staffs at the shelter to give a list of the things you need to do for the new dog. That way you will be able to give the recipient vital instructions that help him/her give the new dog the best care.

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