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Dog Adoption – How to Drive Safely With Your Dog

It is obvious that after a dog adoption in San Diego you will have to drive around with your dog from time to time. The last thing you want is for your dog to end up in an accident just because you forgot to close the windows or because he was looking for an opportunity to escape. In this post we shall be taking a look at the key things you need to do to keep your dog safe during a drive.

Keep him restrained

A common mistake most dog owners make is that of letting their dogs move freely around the car. Some people even allow their dogs to stay on their laps as they drive. This is not a wise thing to do because the distraction can take your attention and lead to an accident. Regardless of how perfect your dog is, you need to keep him restrained. This is something you should start doing immediately after a puppy adoption. Let your dog get used to being restrained while in the car.

In addition to that, failing to restrain your dog can lead to serious injury when your dog is turned into a projectile when you hit the emergency breaks. To prevent these issues, keep your dog in a car harness, barrier or crate. You must never allow him to ride in the front seat because the airbags can injure him or he may be thrown into the windshield.

Don’t leave him in the car

You must never leave your dog alone in the car for more than a minute. The main reason for this is to avoid heat stroke. Even when the weather is moderately warm, the inside of the car will heat up to extreme temperatures within minutes. It doesn’t matter if your car is parked in the sun or in a shade. Leaving the windows open is no excuse.

Leaving the dog alone in the car will also cause him to get bored or even anxious. This can lead to destructive behavior. A dog left in the car is also at a risk of being stolen or lost. From the day you bring your dog home after a dog rescue in San Diego until his dying day, you must never leave him alone in the car.

Some dogs hate car rides

Last but not least, you should note that some dogs hate car rides. Some dogs become fearful in a moving car. Some will get carsick while others just get anxious. You have to use extra caution if your dog doesn’t like car rides. After a puppy rescue, you should avoid feeding your dog several hours before the ride home.

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Puppy Mills and why they are a Menace

dog adoptionWhen thinking of getting a dog, a dog adoption in San Diego is the best way to go. The reason for this is because you will save a homeless dog from being euthanized; get him for a fraction of the cost and above all fight the puppy mill menace. You probably have heard about the horrors of puppy mills in the media but how much do you know about them? Why are they a problem and what can you do about it?

What are puppy mills?

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding enterprises. They are also referred to as puppy farms. Due to the huge number of puppies they have, they house them in squalid conditions. The focus of puppy mills is profit. The do so by sacrificing the health and well-being of dogs. It is good to note that puppy mills usually refer to their businesses as kennels or dog breeders. Needless to say, these are not the best places to get your next dog. As a matter of fact, puppy adoptions have become so prevalent because of the puppy mills.

Puppy mills will over-breed dogs to get the breed that is in high demand. Breeding dogs mostly spend their whole life being bred repeatedly until they are no longer useful. The animals are kept in cramped, unsanitary prisons with little to no chance of exercise, play or being socialized. By the time they are 6 to 8 weeks old; puppies are sold to the pet stores or sold online. Sadly, most of these puppies end up with major health and behavior issues. Consequently, they end up being abandoned by their owners. These are what end up being rescues. If you went through with a dog rescue in San Diego, you probably have a dog that came from puppy mills.

Responsible breeders

As much as puppy mills are a menace, it is good to note that there are some responsible breeders out there. The responsible breeders put the well-being of dogs first and strive to improve the breed. They work closely with vets and other professionals to make sure their dogs are healthy and safe. Responsible breeders are affiliated with national and local breed clubs and are able to provide references. They also operate on a small scale than the puppy mills. What is more is that responsible breeders are eager and willing to take back a dog or puppy from the new owner if it has any hereditary issues.

How to avoid supporting the puppy mills

  • Never buy a puppy or dog from a pet store unless it is a store run by legitimate pet rescue groups.
  • Adopt a dog from the local animal shelter or rescue group.
  • Ask for references and follow up if you plan on getting a purebred dog from breeders.
  • Never adopt or buy a dog from an online breeder/kennel without visiting the facility first.
  • Contact local authorities if you suspect you have found puppy mill or an inhumane dog breeding operation.

Opting for a puppy rescue is a noble thing to do. You must, however, do a research on the rescue group you are using. Do they have a good reputation? The last thing you want is to promote the puppy mills unknowingly.

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Causes of Sudden Aggression in Dogs

A dog adoption in San Diego gives you the chance to bring home a lifelong friend that will make you and your family happy. After the two of you have bonded, you will be able to predict his behavior regardless of how new a situation is. However, there might come a time when you start noticing sudden aggression. Dog aggression towards people include a range of behaviors such as lunging, barking, growling, nipping, snapping, snarling and biting. If this is what you are dealing with, there are several reasons why your dog has suddenly become aggressive.


The number one cause of aggression is fear. Fear has been known to elicit sudden temperament and behavioral changes in dogs. If the aggression is temporary, your dog might just be reacting to perceived threats. It is important to know why your dog was aggressive. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard or put your dog in a situation that leads to a bout of aggression.

Health problems

One of the top reasons you need to visit the vet regularly more so after a puppy adoption is because some of the aggression may be caused by health issues. Health problems have been known to affect the personality of dogs. Health related aggressions are more common in senior dogs. This is because they are mostly caused by age-related illnesses. Canine cognitive dysfunction and dementia are the two main causes of aggression in senior dogs.

You also need to look at your dog keenly. If the aggression is accompanied by symptoms like weight gain, lethargy or hair loss, the aggression may be a sign of hypothyroidism. If the aggression is accompanies by rapid mood changes or convulsions, the cause might be seizures. Brain damage due to tumors, trauma, thyroid issues and hydrocephalus can also lead to aggression.

Ear infections might also cause your dog to be aggressive. Injuries also cause aggression. You need to make plans for regular vet visits after a dog rescue in San Diego. Your vet will keep an eye on health issues that may easily cause the behavior and temperament of your dog to change.

If you notice sudden aggression, the first thing you should do is visit your vet. He will check if the problem is a result of health issues. If the issue is not health related, you need help from a certified canine behaviorist. The animal behavior professional will show you how to work with your dog using techniques like conditioning, behavior modification and desensitization. If you notice aggression after a puppy rescue, don’t take too long to get help. The longer you wait the harder it will be to correct the behavioral issue.

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How to Make Your Dogs Live Together Peacefully

When considering a dog adoption in San Diego when you already have another dog at home, you have to start by learning how to make the new dog live peacefully with your other dog. Yes scuffles will be unavoidable but with the right approach, you can reduce the fights. Here are some of the things you have to do if you want to train your dog to live peacefully with another dog.

Start on a neutral territory

Whether you are considering a dog or puppy adoption, it is important that before you finish up with the adoption you introduce the target dog to your current dog. The purpose of this is to help you gauge the tone of the relationship to expect. Are the two happy to meet each other or is the first meet heated? If possible you should make the dogs meet through a barrier. Most animal shelters will allow you to introduce your old dog to the new one at their premise. Alternatively you can take your dogs to the dog park. The idea is for the two to meet on a neutral territory.

Keep the separated at first

As aforementioned, two dogs will fight at one point. When the fight starts you want to be around to stop it. This is why you should never leave the two dogs together unsupervised. The dogs should have crates or rooms where you keep them from seeing each other. Feed them in separate areas too but at the same time each day. You must also give each dog adequate attention every day. As the dogs become more used to each other, you can gradually start introducing them to one another. Reward each dog for being calm and having a relaxed behavior around the other.

Be patient

It takes time for two dogs to warm up to each other. Don’t expect the two to be happy to live together within a week. After a second dog rescue in National City, you should expect several weeks for the two dogs to establish rank and live peacefully with each other. The key is for you to be consistent and always supervise them. If things don’t seem to be going on well, you should get expert help from dog trainers. The team in the animal shelter can also help.

Two dogs are better than one. Provided you train and socialize them properly, you will not have a lot of problems. It is also good to do some research before considering a second puppy rescue. You need to make sure that you are taking a dog breed that relates well with the one you have at home.

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Dog Adoption – How to Prevent Dog Theft or Lost Dog

After a dog adoption in San Diego, you will be responsible for his wellbeing until its dying day. Your job is not just to feed and make sure he gets the right exercises and medical care but also to make sure he never becomes a stray or gets stolen. In this post we shall be looking at the top things you need to do to prevent lost dogs or dog theft.

Be more responsible

Dogs crave more companionship than any other domesticated animal. They get bored easily when they are left alone. When they are bored, they can do unimaginable things which range from chewing your favorite rag to finding a weak spot in the fence and getting out. As a responsible dog owner, you need to protect your dog, supervise him and know where he is at all times. You can use baby monitors for this when you are away. You must also never leave your dog alone for several hours.

Still on being a responsible dog owner, you must always have your dog on a leash when outside. You also have to be careful when opening doors since he can easily run out and get lost or worse get hit by a car. You must never leave your dog alone in a locked car either. The best thing you can do after a puppy adoption is to make sure you have high quality collars and leashes and always make sure they are secure before going outside with your dog.

Use a collar that has an ID

Whether you are in the house or at the dog park, your dog must wear a collar at all times. The collar should have the name of your dog as well as your name, contact information and home address. Most of the dogs that are picked up by animal control have no IDs. As a result they end up being taken to the rescue centers and the previous owner never sees them again. Making sure your dog is micro-chipped will also come in handy. You should get the microchip immediately after a dog rescue in San Diego.

Train your dog

A solid training foundation is crucial because you will be able to stop your dog in case he starts to wander away. You should also keep some treats in handy just in case he needs some incentives. Teach your dog basic commands like wait or stay. They will keep him safe.

If your dog is lost or stolen, taking immediate action is paramount. If you suspect he was stolen, contact the local law enforcement. You should also post signs and contact the local animal shelters and hospitals. Don’t forget to canvas the neighborhood. All in all, doing the above things will help keep your dog safe after a puppy rescue.

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Why are Dog Adoption Fees Charged?

dog adoptionThis is the question most people considering a dog adoption in San Diego ask. The whole purpose of an adoption is to give a homeless dog a forever loving home. Why then would animal shelters charge adoption fees? Typically the adoption fees range from $100 to $300. This amount might seem like a lot until you understand the reasons behind the fees. In this post we will be looking at the real reasons why the adoption fees are charged.

Pay for the shelter’s expenses

One of the main reasons you are required to pay a small fee during a puppy adoption is to offset some of the expenses the animal shelter incurs when rescuing and caring for the dog. The adoption fees are meant to pay for the expenses of the dog as well as benefit the organization you are adopting from. When you pay the fee, you will basically be helping the organization settle costs related to the following things:

  • Spaying or neutering
  • Micro-chipping
  • Deworming
  • Vaccines
  • Dog food
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Flea prevention
  • Facility costs which include taxes, mortgage and rent
  • Staff costs. Most organizations work with volunteers but will have a few paid full-time employees

The fees that are charged are justifiable. However, you need to smell a rat if the organization charges you a fee that is more than $300. In this case you need to ask what the fee covers. If the high fee is not justifiable, there is a good chance you are considering a dog rescue in San Diego from an organization that is not reputable. The best action to take here is to consider a different animal shelter or rescue group.

Prove the adopter is committed

The adoption fee is charged to help the organization determine if they are dealing with a committed new dog owner. Owning a dog costs money and the shelter wants to make sure that you are not a stingy person. The good news is that you don’t have to be wealthy to own a dog. You must, however, be able to raise enough money to provide the essentials for your dog. Charging adoption fees has been found to deter some would-be irresponsible dog owners from making impulsive decisions to adopt pets they cannot care for.

The adoption fee is worth every penny, just ask anyone that has gone through with a dog or puppy rescue. The decision is life-changing and comes with rewarding experiences. You just need to find a good shelter to adopt from and choose the dog breed that is right for you.

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5 Essential Supplies for a New Dog Owner

It’s a noble thing to go through with a dog adoption in San Diego. You will not only save the dog from being euthanized but also create room for other dogs to be rescued. It is also more affordable to adopt than it is to get a dog from a breeder or pet store. You should also note that with an adoption you will be able to find just any dog you are looking for. However, if you have already found the dog to bring home and finished up with the paperwork, there are a few things you will need to get.

Microchip and ID tags

It is not uncommon to find a dog that is already micro-chipped in the animal shelter. However, it is good to set aside money for the microchip and ID tags. Safety must be a priority and the last thing you want is for your new dog to run away and end up on the streets again. When your dog is micro-chipped you will be able to find him if he ever runs off. The ID tag will also tell the person that finds him what his name is and where he lives. You should plan for micro-chipping immediately after a puppy adoption.

Pet insurance

Taking your dog to the vet is not cheap. This is why you should consider getting pet insurance. To most people getting an insurance cover is not obvious thing. The best thing about insuring your dog is that you will be able to avoid the high medical expenses especially if he has a pre-existing health condition. Compare the insurance covers and pick one that offers everything that you need to give your dog the best care. You must also make sure that your preferred vet accepts insurance from the company you get insurance from.

Puppy kindergarten

It is highly recommended to enroll your dog in a puppy socialization class immediately after a puppy rescue in San Diego. Doing so will help set the stage for a lifetime of behavioral successes. If you can’t find a good puppy kindergarten in your area, you can hire an experienced trainer to train and socialize your dog. This has to happen as soon as you bring him home. Puppy kindergarten will expose your puppy to various places, people, dogs and sounds. Doing this early enough will help prevent behavioral problems later on.

High quality toys

Toys can keep your dog from chewing on your furniture and from getting bored. Toys will leave your dog stimulated and also keep him from being troublesome. The best toys, especially when leaving your dog alone, are those stuffed with treats. They will keep your dog engaged.


Last but not least, your dog will have to be crate trained. You have to buy a good crate immediately after a dog rescue. You can get a wire, cloth or plastic crate. The best crate for homes is the wire crate. Crate training should start immediately.

These are the essential items you must get before bringing your new dog home. The staffs in the animal shelter will let you know if there are other things that you will need.

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How to Stop Boredom in Dogs

When you are approved for a dog adoption in San Diego, there are several things you will need to do before bringing the dog home. The team in the animal shelter will give you a quick list of things you need to do. Once you bring him home, it will be your duty to keep him happy. In this post we will be looking at some of the things you can do to prevent boredom in your dog.

Get him new toys

Toys will give your dog the distraction he needs. The problem is that puppies get bored with the same old toys. After a puppy adoption you should not just get your dog just one toy. You need to get him several. You need to aim for 3 to 4 toys per pet if you have several dogs in the house. Over time, you will need to get new toys. Experts recommend getting 8 to 10 toys for a singleton puppy. You should rotate the toys so as to keep them fresh. There is no harm in setting a schedule and swapping out toys every 2 to 3 days.

Provide stimulation

Your dog does not only need physical exercises. He also needs to be stimulated mentally. This is why you need to get him puzzle toys too. The best puzzle toys are the ones that have a place to hide treats. Don’t forget to rotate the kind of treat you place in the puzzle toy. You also need to use healthy treats and use them sparingly to avoid health issues. Still on stimulation you need to keep teaching your dog new tricks. Training offers the best stimulation for dogs.

Help them chew

If you went for a puppy rescue in San Diego, you have to invest in ‘legal’ chewing opportunities. When they are teething puppies tend to gnaw on everything. Gnawing helps relieve their tender gums. To help with this, you need to get your puppies chewing toys. Dogs of all ages may also engage in chewing. Your vet and the staff at the animal shelter will help pick the best chewing toys for your dog.

Get outside

Terriers love to kick up dirt. Without an outlet, a bored terrier will end up un-planting your potted houseplants. Let them get outside and play a little.

Toy alternatives

Your dog may enjoy watching videos or heating music. Try tuning the TV to an animal program. Caged picket pets such as hamsters, birds and fish may be fun for viewing when your dog is bored. Make sure the smaller pets are not stressed by the staring.

There is a lot more you can do to curb boredom in dogs. As you consider a dog rescue make sure you know what the dog breed loves and if he is a good fit for you. Choose a dog breed that you can comfortably care for. Can you meet his exercise needs?

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Why Two Dogs are better than One

In addition to the small fee, some of the reasons dog adoption in San Diego have become so popular is because dogs bring a lot of joy into one’s life. They are loyal, loving, hilarious and crazy adorable. It is hard not to see your dog as a family member. But why should you consider adopting two dogs instead of just one? This post discusses the main reasons why this is a great idea.

They will keep each other exercised and entertained

Adequate exercises are crucial to a dog’s health, happiness, socialization and overall development. Giving your dog sufficient exercise can, however, take up a huge chunk of your time. The amount of time you have to spend exercising your dog will depend on his age, breed, size and energy level. Exercising can take 30 minutes to 2 hours each day. An easy way to ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise is by adding a second dog. Once they are socialized, the two will keep each other exercised and entertained. They will also keep each other company when you are away thus will not get bored and cause a mess. This is the main reason why in a puppy adoption you should consider getting two dogs.

Makes training easier

It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but an old dog can easily teach a new dog new tricks. Dogs are pack animals and always look up to their leader for guidance. Getting a younger dog for your older dog will cause the older dog to naturally take charge. Training a new puppy when you already have a trained adult dog in the house will be much easier. This is because the puppy will look up to the adult dog for guidance and the adult will teach him some tricks as well as the rules of the house. Needless to say, dogs tend to do their business where other dogs have already gone. Your new dog will hence toilet in the same spot as your older dog.

Ease separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among dogs. Some dogs grow out of it but some require extra attention such as specialized training, medication and emotional therapy. The easiest way to ease separation anxiety is to consider a second dog rescue in San Diego. Getting a second dog will give your dog emotional support as well as the attention they need to stay calm and collected when you are away. 

You should also consider a second puppy rescue because doing so will save a second life from the shelter, double the love and it doesn’t really cost much to adopt a second dog. The team at the shelter will help pick the dog breed that will be a good match for your current dog.

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Dog Adoption – These Dogs are last to Be Adopted

It is a fantastic idea to consider a dog adoption in San Diego. This is more so because there are so many deserving dogs in need of a forever home. Even so, some dogs have no problem getting an adoptive family. These are mostly the dogs that are featured in high profile adoption campaigns or breeds that are not easy to find. There are other dogs that are less deserving and some never get adopted through no fault of their own. In this post we will be looking at the deserving dogs that are often left languishing in animal shelters for months or even years.

Black dogs

There has been a long-held misconception that the black dogs are the hardest to rehome. Their color means they don’t photograph easily while some people are superstitious of the black color. What is more is that black dogs don’t really stand out when placed together with dogs with brighter coats. If you are considering a puppy adoption, you should not overlook the black dogs. They are just like all other dogs. Don’t risk passing up on the dog of your dreams.

Senior dogs

Dogs have a very short lifespan. Senior dogs are those over the age of 7 years. Most senior dogs end up in the shelters and never get adopted. Most senior dogs are given up to the animal shelters by families after getting a newborn baby or after the dog develop an ailment. Whatever the reason is, it is terrible to think of a dog that has been in a home environment suddenly being forced to cope with the kennel life. If you want to do a really noble thing, you should consider a senior dog in a dog rescue in San Diego. Senior dogs make great pets and are wonderful companions. They also have lots of life left in them. Don’t overlook the senior dogs. The rewards of giving them a perfect retirement are enormous.

Dogs with behavior problems

Not many people are willing to adopt troubled rescue dogs. The truth is if you are patient and committed, adopting these dogs will be quite rewarding. Most troubled dogs have had a traumatic past and have trust issues. The behavior problems can be corrected with proper training and socialization. In the end you will develop a deep bond with the dog. There is exciting to see your dog develop from a reactive and fearful dog to one that is relaxed.

Other dogs that are overlooked in a puppy rescue are those with health problems or disabilities, dogs with that are bonded pair and the bully breeds. The truth is that these dogs make great family pets. Some only need love while others just need proper training. Don’t ignore the aforementioned dogs just because they are rarely adopted. Consider them first.

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