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Why Two Dogs are better than One

In addition to the small fee, some of the reasons dog adoption in San Diego have become so popular is because dogs bring a lot of joy into one’s life. They are loyal, loving, hilarious and crazy adorable. It is hard not to see your dog as a family member. But why should you consider adopting two dogs instead of just one? This post discusses the main reasons why this is a great idea.

They will keep each other exercised and entertained

Adequate exercises are crucial to a dog’s health, happiness, socialization and overall development. Giving your dog sufficient exercise can, however, take up a huge chunk of your time. The amount of time you have to spend exercising your dog will depend on his age, breed, size and energy level. Exercising can take 30 minutes to 2 hours each day. An easy way to ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise is by adding a second dog. Once they are socialized, the two will keep each other exercised and entertained. They will also keep each other company when you are away thus will not get bored and cause a mess. This is the main reason why in a puppy adoption you should consider getting two dogs.

Makes training easier

It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but an old dog can easily teach a new dog new tricks. Dogs are pack animals and always look up to their leader for guidance. Getting a younger dog for your older dog will cause the older dog to naturally take charge. Training a new puppy when you already have a trained adult dog in the house will be much easier. This is because the puppy will look up to the adult dog for guidance and the adult will teach him some tricks as well as the rules of the house. Needless to say, dogs tend to do their business where other dogs have already gone. Your new dog will hence toilet in the same spot as your older dog.

Ease separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among dogs. Some dogs grow out of it but some require extra attention such as specialized training, medication and emotional therapy. The easiest way to ease separation anxiety is to consider a second dog rescue in San Diego. Getting a second dog will give your dog emotional support as well as the attention they need to stay calm and collected when you are away. 

You should also consider a second puppy rescue because doing so will save a second life from the shelter, double the love and it doesn’t really cost much to adopt a second dog. The team at the shelter will help pick the dog breed that will be a good match for your current dog.

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Dog Adoption – These Dogs are last to Be Adopted

It is a fantastic idea to consider a dog adoption in San Diego. This is more so because there are so many deserving dogs in need of a forever home. Even so, some dogs have no problem getting an adoptive family. These are mostly the dogs that are featured in high profile adoption campaigns or breeds that are not easy to find. There are other dogs that are less deserving and some never get adopted through no fault of their own. In this post we will be looking at the deserving dogs that are often left languishing in animal shelters for months or even years.

Black dogs

There has been a long-held misconception that the black dogs are the hardest to rehome. Their color means they don’t photograph easily while some people are superstitious of the black color. What is more is that black dogs don’t really stand out when placed together with dogs with brighter coats. If you are considering a puppy adoption, you should not overlook the black dogs. They are just like all other dogs. Don’t risk passing up on the dog of your dreams.

Senior dogs

Dogs have a very short lifespan. Senior dogs are those over the age of 7 years. Most senior dogs end up in the shelters and never get adopted. Most senior dogs are given up to the animal shelters by families after getting a newborn baby or after the dog develop an ailment. Whatever the reason is, it is terrible to think of a dog that has been in a home environment suddenly being forced to cope with the kennel life. If you want to do a really noble thing, you should consider a senior dog in a dog rescue in San Diego. Senior dogs make great pets and are wonderful companions. They also have lots of life left in them. Don’t overlook the senior dogs. The rewards of giving them a perfect retirement are enormous.

Dogs with behavior problems

Not many people are willing to adopt troubled rescue dogs. The truth is if you are patient and committed, adopting these dogs will be quite rewarding. Most troubled dogs have had a traumatic past and have trust issues. The behavior problems can be corrected with proper training and socialization. In the end you will develop a deep bond with the dog. There is exciting to see your dog develop from a reactive and fearful dog to one that is relaxed.

Other dogs that are overlooked in a puppy rescue are those with health problems or disabilities, dogs with that are bonded pair and the bully breeds. The truth is that these dogs make great family pets. Some only need love while others just need proper training. Don’t ignore the aforementioned dogs just because they are rarely adopted. Consider them first.

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Dog Adoption – How to Choose a Second Dog

A dog adoption in San Diego is the right way to go when you want to add a second dog to your household. The reason for this is because with an adoption you will be saving a dog from being euthanized, you will be helping combat the puppy mills menace and you will be creating room for more dogs to be rescued. The option is also cheaper than getting a dog from a responsible breeder or a pet store. But how do you find a soul mate for your dog? Here are the crucial things you should do.


The first thing you need to think about is the interactions your dog has had with other dogs. Does he interact more with certain dog breeds? Does he love playful dogs or the laid-back ones? You need to take your dog to the dog park and observe how he interacts with other dogs. This will help decide on the best dog for him.

Needless to say, most dogs want dogs that act like them. This is an important point to remember when considering a dog rescue. This does not, however, mean that you get the dog that is the exact match of your dog. A gentle dog can make your hyperactive dog calm down a bit. If your dog is insecure or fearful, he might get at ease around a dog that is outgoing and confident but not overbearing.


Generally speaking, dogs of the same size make the best pairs. This is, however, not to say that the Yorkies and Great Danes cannot make great housemates. All in all, you need to remember that a huge size difference will increase the risk of the small dog being hurt by the big one by accident. If you must go for dogs with a huge size difference, you must invest more in socialization and training and keep a close eye on them as they interact.


The age of your dog is something you need to consider when getting a second dog. For example, if you have a senior dog, going for a puppy adoption in San Diego might not be the best thing to do. This is because the senior dog will not have the patience for the hyperactive puppy. Try and get a dog that is closer in age to your dog.


Experts recommend betting two dogs of opposite sex. Dogs of the same sex are more likely to fight. However, before you go for the opposite sex, make sure the dog is neutered or spayed as well as well trained and socialized.

Regardless of the type of dog you choose, it is always good to monitor their interactions closely. This is irrespective of their age, sex and size. In addition to that, before choosing a second dog, let the two meet on neutral territory. Check for aggression. If the two are open to meeting, you can go ahead with the second dog or puppy rescue.  

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The Right Way to Adopt Your First Dog

dog adoptionIf you have decided to proceed with a dog adoption in San Diego, you are doing a noble thing. You will not just be finding the dog that is perfect for you but also be saving its life and the life of other dogs. But how do you proceed from there? In this post we will be looking at the steps you need to take when thinking of adopting a dog.

Make sure you are ready for a dog

Owning a dog offers many benefits some of which are health related. Even so, dog ownership is not for everyone. This is why you need to evaluate your lifestyle keenly before proceeding with a puppy adoption. The first thing you need to understand is that dog ownership is a 10 to 15 year commitment. The commitment is emotional, financial and also time consuming. Are you really ready for this commitment? Be certain on your answer before you bring a dog into your life. You must be willing to make a budget, adjust your lifestyle and consult people in your household. If you are certain this is a good idea, you can move to the next step.

Identify the ideal dog

You will be spoilt for choice at the animal shelter. There are so many types of dogs to pick from. Prior to choosing a dog breed or type, you need to think about these three factors:

  • Size: do you want a small, medium, large or giant dog?
  • Age: Do you want to adopt a puppy, an adult or a senior dog?
  • Activity level: Do you want a low energy, high energy or somewhere in-between?

Each of these have their own pros and cons. You choice will mostly be influenced by personal preferences and your lifestyle. Other traits you should look at include health concerns, grooming needs, personality traits, ease of training and so on. You also have to choose if you want a purebred or a mixed breed.

Meet the dogs

The next step in a dog rescue in San Diego is to meet with the dogs that fit your preferences. Dog shelters and rescue groups have dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and personalities. It is only by meeting the dog that you will be able to make a more informed choice. You must, however, never pick a dog for its cuteness but because it meets your preferences.

Finding the dog to adoption is just one thing. There are several stages you will be taken through by the animal shelter. The objective is to ensure that you are a good fit for a puppy rescue. An interview and even a home visit might be required. Once you are qualified, you will be allowed to bring the dog home.

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Pros and Cons of Adopting Puppy and Adult Dogs

dog adoptionWhen it comes to a dog adoption in San Diego, most people are torn between adopting a puppy and adopting an adult dog. While the team at the shelter will shed some light, your choice will depend on how much work you want to commit. In this post we will be looking at the pros and cons of adopting a puppy and an adult dog.

Adopting a puppy

It is hard to resist a puppy. As a matter of fact, most people are searching for puppies to adopt when they go to animal shelters. All cuteness aside, a puppy adoption is not for everyone. This is because it requires a lot of work to care for a puppy.


  • Puppies give a blank slate. You will be able to shape the behavior of your dog the way you want.
  • Puppies are cuddly and adorable.


  • Puppies take up a lot of your time. A puppy will not be for you if you are rarely at home.
  • Training has to be done from scratch.
  • You will spend more in vet care for such things as vaccines and neuter or spay.

Adopting an adolescent aged dog

The best alternative to adopting a puppy is going for the adolescent age. These are dogs between the ages of 1 to 3 years. Although it is the most frustrating period for dog owners, most of the dogs in the shelter are at this age. If you opt for this age in a dog rescue in San Diego, you have to be ready for consistency and constant supervision.


  • These dogs have made connections between behavior and reward even when the reward is delayed slightly.
  • Age-related restrictions on physical exercise have started to be lifted. You can do more with your dog.


  • There might be learnt behavioral issues you have to deal with such as biting and inappropriate barking.
  • Adolescent dogs push their boundaries and can be frustrating to deal with.

The mature adult

These are dogs between the ages of 3 to 6 years. This is a dog that knows what he wants. They settle into the good life with little fuss.


  • Most of the adult dogs in animal shelters are already house trained. They understand basic commands.
  • They have been evaluated for compatibility with kids and other animals.
  • They can still be puppy-like in his desire to run and play with you.
  • There are fewer physical limitations on the physical activities you can engage him in.


  • It is hard to un-train them if they have some unwanted habits.
  • There is the fear that an adult dog will not bond properly with the new owner.

These are the three main ages you will have to pick from. There is also the fourth age which is the senior dog. This belongs to dogs older than 7 years. As you consider a puppy rescue, you should remember that most of the senior dogs are well behaved and never find a home. Don’t dismiss adopting a senior dog more so if you are getting your first dog.

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What Kind of Dog Should You Adopt?

When it comes to dog adoption in San Diego you will be spoilt for choice. You will find dozens of dog breeds which include purebred and mixed breeds. Making the right choice can be hard. That is why you need to do your research before heading to the animal shelter. In this post we will be sharing a few tips that will help decide on the best dog to adopt.

What do you absolutely need in a dog?

This is without doubt the first question you need to ask yourself even before you head to the dog shelter. Do you need a companion dog or a jogging partner? Do you have kids, cats or other dogs in your home? If you have other pets and kids in your home, the dog you choose should be known to get along well with other pets and kids. You also need to think about your living conditions. Do you live in a small home or an apartment? If you live in an apartment, does your lease permit dogs? For small homes, a small dog will be the best choice.

You will also need to think about your allergies before proceeding with a puppy adoption. If you or any of your family members has allergies, you should opt for hypoallergenic dog breeds. The problem is that there are only a few hypoallergenic breeds out there. Picking dogs that rarely shed will also be a great idea.

What would you like in a dog but can live without?

You will not be able to find everything that you want in a single dog breed. This is why you need to make compromises. For example, you might like a dog breed with short hair but can settle for one that requires extra grooming. You must also not be afraid of the mixed dog breeds. The rescue organization will be happy to let you know which breeds make up the dog you are considering.

What is not acceptable?

This is a very important question you need to answer before proceeding with a dog rescue in San Diego. There are certain qualities that will be unacceptable to you. They could be related to temperament, size and exercise needs. Compile a list of all the things that are unacceptable to you.

When not to adopt

As much as a puppy rescue is a noble thing to do, not everyone is fit to care for a dog. Timing is also everything. It will not be ideal to adopt now if any of these situations apply:

  • You are in the process of relocating
  • You are handling major repairs or remodeling your home
  • It is the holiday season. These periods are often too hectic.
  • Someone in your household is going through major life events. The dog might be lost in the shuffle.
  • You are about to have a baby. You should first have the baby and adopt after things settle down.

Adopting a dog saves the dog from being euthanized and also helps the rescue organization to rescue more homeless dogs. This is a noble thing. You should, however, never rush the process. 

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Dog Adoption Fees: Why Do You Have to Pay?

Dog adoption in San Diego is a wonderful way to find a new canine companion while at the same time offer a forever home for a dog in need. Owning a dog is not cheap. The cost of treatment, food, toys and other necessities can easily cross the thousand dollar mark per year. There is also an adoption fee that is charged. The adoption fee varies from one shelter to the next. It is about $100 to $300. But why do you have to pay this fee while all you are doing is saving a dog?

What the fee covers

The dog and puppy adoption fees pay for the expenses of the dog you are bringing home and benefit the rescue organization. Paying the adoption fee actually helps the organization to offset its costs. The fee offsets the cost of:

  • Vaccines
  • Microchip
  • Deworming
  • Dog food
  • Facility costs
  • Spay or neuter
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Staff costs
  • Flea prevention
  • Other vet care and medications

If you feel the adoption fees are too high, that is more than $300, you should ask why the adoption fees are so high. A reputable shelter will give you a breakdown of what the fee covers. If you feel the fee is not justified and there are signs you are not dealing with a reputable organization, you should head to a different rescue group or dog shelter.

Another reason for the adoption fees

Another reason why an adoption fee is charged is so that the dog shelter can make sure that the new owner is willing to spend money on the dog. As aforementioned, it costs quite a lot of money to care for a dog. If you are not willing to pay the adoption fee, the shelter takes that as a sign that you will be unwilling or unable to provide for the dog after the dog rescue in San Diego. There are, however, times when dog shelters don’t charge anything to adopt a dog.

Are adoption fees worth it?

Anybody that has gone through with a dog or puppy rescue will tell you that the adoption fees are worth the money. This is more so when you consider the fact that you will end up with a new companion that will change your life. Providing a permanent home for the dog is also rewarding. It also feels good to know you helped a reputable organization thrive. What is more is that the fee you pay is far less than what you would otherwise pay to breeders and in pet stores.

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Why You Should Adopt a Mixed Dog Breed

When it comes to any dog adoption in San Diego, most people are interested solely in the pure breeds. As a result, the mixed-breeds end up being euthanized when they don’t find a forever home. If you are thinking about getting a dog, you should not be afraid of the mixed breeds. They are wonderful dogs too. Here are the three reasons why you should adopt a mixed breed dog.

One of a kind
All dogs are unique including the purebred ones. With the purebred dogs, you will notice that each dog has its own unique personality and will show minor differences in behavior and appearance. However, if you go with a mixed-breed dog, you will notice that he is one of a kind. Even if you meet a similar dog, no two mixed-breed dogs are the same. The mixed breed dog stands out. You will leave people guessing what breed your dog is.

With most animal shelters, as you consider the puppy adoption of a mixed breed, there is a good chance you will be told the breeds that make him. Alternatively you can get an affordable DNA testing that helps identify the several dog breeds. Although the DNA test is not 100% accurate, it will give you an idea on what to expect in relation to temperaments. Whether you know the origin of your dog or not, a mixed-breed dog will be a special addition to your family. You will never find another dog like him.

Worth the gamble
The fear most adopters have is that mixed-breed dogs are predisposed to hereditary problems. This used to be true a while back. Today dogs in the animal shelter are thoroughly screened to ensure they are healthy. Chances of getting a sick dog are virtually zero. What is more is that when you consider a mixed breed dog rescue in San Diego, you will most likely never have to deal with breed-specific hereditary health and behavioral issues. If your dog is a mix of Labrador, for example, he might still get hip dysplasia but chances of that happening are less likely because the Labrador breed is ‘diluted’. 

All things considered, the mysteries of mixed-breed dogs are very exciting. You must be prepared for a couple of surprises as your dog grows.

Available and affordable
Last but not least, adopting a mixed-breed dog is less expensive than getting a pure breed. You simply need to find a reputable animal shelter or rescue group.

When going for a puppy rescue, always remember that there is no right or wrong when going with a mixed-breed or a purebred. You just need to follow your heart. Your life will be changed regardless of the dog you adopt.

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What you should understand about a Dog’s Age in a Dog Adoption

A dog adoption in San Diego is the best route to take when you want to get a dog. The option not only saves a dog’s life but also helps you get a thoroughly screened dog at a very small price. All in all, before you proceed with the adoption, it is important to learn a few things about the care requirements of dogs of different ages. In this post we will be looking at what to expect with puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.

Puppies are the most sought after in animal shelters. This is because most people love creating a bond with a dog while he is still young. However, even as you consider a puppy adoption, it is good to understand that puppies require the greatest amount of training and attention more so for the first 6 months.

If you are going for a puppy, you have to dedicate time to housebreaking and plenty of accidents in the house. The puppy will most likely chew your furniture, personal belonging and everything that gets in their way. The chewing is extreme when they are teething.

To resolve these problems, you will need dedicated training and also be patient. It is also good to note that in spite of the puppy belonging to a specific dog breed, he might grow to be different than what you expect. This is more so if you went for a mixed-breed dog. This is not a bad thing but it is something you need to keep in mind.

Adult dogs
Most people considering a dog rescue in San Diego end up with adult dogs. There are so many of them in the animal shelter. They are considered to be a better choice if you want a good idea of the dog’s true energy level, size, temperament and attitude. However, not every adult dog you come across will be trained. You must hence make plans for training. Even with the house trained ones, you still need to train them some more. The thing that makes adopting an adult dog an excellent choice is because they have been trained and socialized to a certain degree. They will adjust in your home easier than puppies.

Senior dogs
The majority of people ignore the senior dogs. Most of these senior dogs end up being euthanized. Adopting a senior dog is highly encouraged. Bringing a senior dog to your home will bring him joy in his golden years.

Whether you are considering a puppy rescue or adopting a senior dog, it is always good to do your research. Don’t get a dog based on your emotions. Choose a dog because he is a good fit for you. The team in the animal shelter will be happy to offer any assistance you need. 

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Dog Adoption – Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Have you thought of a dog adoption in San Diego? When interested in bringing home a new pet, most people head to the pet stores or contact breeders. These options are expensive and are the reason why there are so many homeless dogs in the world. Adopting a dog, on the other hand, is cheaper and you can find the exact dog breed that you need. What is more is that adopting a dog is noble. You get to save the dog you bring home from being euthanized and also create room for more troubled dogs to be rescued. The majority of the dogs in the animal shelter are healthy and well behaved. You will be able to find a good companion at a fraction of the cost.

Why adopt?
There are so many dogs in animal shelters. The majority of these dogs are euthanized. It is estimated that over 3 million dogs get euthanized each year when they don’t find a good place for them to go. A puppy adoption will help save such dogs. What is more is that adopting helps combat the practice of breeders who breed as many dogs as they can to make a profit. Most of these dogs from breeders end up being strays.

Rescue groups need people to adopt more than they need them to donate. Fostering gives the rescued dog a forever home. The best thing is that you can take any kind of dog that you want; a puppy, adult or aged dog. You will also find virtually any dog breed you need.

Does your lifestyle matter?
The main duty of an animal shelter is to save troubled dogs. To do this, they always ensure that the person adopting their dogs is fit to care for the dog. The process of qualifying you as a suitable person for a dog rescue in San Diego is very strict. The animal shelter will not release a dog to your care unless they are certain you can give him the best care possible. One of the areas they consider is your lifestyle. The animal shelter will want to know about the following:

  • How long are your work hours?
  • Can you meet the exercise needs of the dog?
  • Will you be able to feed and groom the dog?
  • How big is your home and does the landlord permit pets?

There are many more questions you will be asked to ascertain you are a fit dog owner. The objective of the animal shelter is to make sure the dog never ends up on the street again. Needless to say, not everyone is cut out to be a dog owner. Always make sure you can make the time to own a dog, socialize and train him. Your lifestyle will tell if a puppy rescue is a good idea for you or not.

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