Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies

The Golden Retriever puppies San Diego are medium sized dog breeds. Historically, they were developed as gundogs and retrievers. They were used for retrieving ducks and other upland game birds. The main reason why they got the name retriever is because of their ability to retrieve game without causing any damage. They have a strong love for water and a dense undercoat that offers warmth in cold weather. The outer coat is water repellent and lies flat on the body. They are well adapted for country or suburban environments. They should be kept in a fenced area because of their high prey drive.


The San Diego Golden Retriever puppies are medium to large sized dogs that are sturdy. They have a broad skull and a straight muzzle that tapers with a defined stop. Their nose is black or brownish black in color. The teeth make a perfect scissors bite. The eyes are large sized and dark brown in color. Their short ears hang close to the cheeks. The base of the tail is thick. The dewclaws are often removed. The Golden Retriever puppy San Diego has a thick coat that is water resistant. The outer coat may either be wavy or straight. The underbelly, front of neck, under the tail and back of the legs has untrimmed feathering. The coat colors are cream to rich golden.


The Golden Retriever puppies San Diego are highly considered for their intelligence, good manners and charm. They are generally lovable. They are easy to train and are patient and gentle with kids. They are self assured, devoted and popular as family pets. They are also energetic and love pleasing their masters. They excel in obedience training and are perfect in competitions. They are friendly with both people and other dogs and house pets. They make great watchdogs since they are able to signal their owner loudly in case there is a stranger approaching. They are recommended to people who are capable of displaying leadership qualities.

When the San Diego Golden Retriever puppies are not getting sufficient daily exercises, they may become destructive, distractible and over exuberant. The breed will also need to be reminding who the pack leader is else it will develop undesirable behavioral issues.


The Golden Retriever puppy San Diego may be prone to cancer which includes mast cell tumors. It may also suffer from hip dysplasia, heart problems, congenital eye defects and von Willebrand’s disease. They also suffer from skin allergies and gain weight easily.


The breed requires daily long walks, runs or jogs. The coat needs combing with a bristle brush. Veterinary attention is also need to check for such health issues as skin allergies. They also need a reminder of who is the pack leader.

Average Size

Height: 20 to 24 inches

Weight: 55 to 80 pounds

Typical Use

In spite of their being widely used as family dogs, some of them are used in narcotics detection, competitive obedience, performing tricks, hunting, retrieving, agility as well as tracking. They love swimming too.

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