Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Irish Wolfhound Puppies

The Irish wolfhound is a breed of domestic dogs. Its name comes from its original purpose and not its appearance. It was mainly used in wolf hunting. This is the tallest of all dog breeds. It is described by breeders as a breed of great size and commanding appearance. The breed combines swiftness and power with its keen sight to make a remarkable dog breed.


The Irish wolfhound puppies San Diego mature into the largest and the tallest galloping hounds. The breed has a rough coat; it is muscular, very strong but gracefully built. The chest is wide and deep. It is an active dog breed. It carries its head high and its tail with an upward sweep. The accepted coat colors are grey, red, brindle, fawn, pure white, black, steel grey and wheaten. The muzzle is long and slightly pointed. The ears are small and carried back against its head when relaxed and pricked when alert or excited. In size, the breed reaches the size of a small pony.


The San Diego Irish wolfhound puppies are today highly considered for their temperament. They are sweet-tempered, kind, patient, thoughtful and intelligent. They can be trusted with children though supervision is necessary. The breed is always eager to please and is unconditionally loyal to its owner. They cannot be used as watchdogs simply because they are friendly to everyone. All in all, their large size makes them a deterrent to house break-ins.

When shopping for the Irish wolfhound puppy San Diego, you must understand that the breed matures slowly. As a result, it may be clumsy. The breed takes about 2 years to be fully grown. You should also understand that they grow rapidly hence you need to serve them high quality food. As they grow, they will also need daily walks, training and socializing. They respond well to the firm but gentle leadership. Their intelligence enables them to grasp concepts fast.


Just like all big breeds, the Irish wolfhound puppies San Diego will be prone to hip dysplasia. Other health concerns include bone cancer, PRA, Von Willebrands and cardiomyopathy. Regular vet appointments will help deal with most of the health issues.


Being a huge and energetic breed, the Irish wolfhound puppy San Diego is not recommended for apartment life. It does best with a large yard. It may also not fit in small cars. Even so, the breed craves human companion and will not be happy in a kennel. You need to keep it on a leash because it has an instinct of chasing.

In exercising, be prepared for daily walks or jogs. The medium length coat requires thorough grooming with a comb and brush. You need to groom the coat at least once every week. The breed is an average shedder.

Average size

Height: 28 to 35 inches

Weight: 90 to 150 pounds

Typical use

In spite of being used in hunting, the breed is today considered as a family dog. It is friendly and makes a perfect companion.

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