Newfoundland puppies

Newfoundland puppies

Just as the name depicts, the Newfoundland is a large sized and strong dog breed from Newfoundland, Canada. It is highly considered for its loyalty, intelligence and dependability. This dog makes a sweet-natured family dog and a wonderful working partner. The dog was initially used as a working dog to pull fishing nets and to haul wood. It is generally energetic and a hardworking dog. It is adapted to work on land or water. He is a great swimmer. The Newfoundland puppies San Diego are pretty responsive to commands and very affectionate.


The Newfoundland puppy San Diego will grow into a giant breed that weighs about 100 pounds. The dog is pretty energetic and will need exercising daily to keep him fit. It has a long and heavy coat which picks up dirt quickly hence the breed is not recommended for people who crave neatness. He has great tracking skills and may drool.

The head of the Newfoundland puppies San Diego is arched slightly and is held up by a strong neck. The muzzle is wide but rather deep. It has a moderate stop. The teeth make a scissor bite. It has deep set eyes which are dark brown in color and smaller and wide spaced. The ears are small, triangular shaped with rounded tops. The legs are straight and muscular and have webbed feet.

The outer coat is oily and coarse and moderately long. It may be wavy or straight. The undercoat is dense, oily and soft. Breeds that spend most of their time indoors may lose the undercoat. The coat colors include black with some blue highlights, black, and black with some white markings, gray, brown, and white with markings of black.


In general, the San Diego Newfoundland puppies are sweet tempered, outstanding, generous, peaceful, intelligent and courageous. It is mild with strangers and very obedient to its master. The dog will rarely bark but is quite protective. They grow into sweet dogs that are great with children. They are pretty protective of kids and are believed to be natural babysitters. When there is a house break-in, the dog will hold the intruder at bay by forcing him to a corner or placing themselves between the family and the intruder. In general, this dog breed is smart and needs a strong pack leader. It gets along well with other animals.


The Newfoundland puppies San Diego will be prone to heart diseases known as sub-aoritic stenosis and hip dysplasia. The two are hereditary. This breed does not gain weight.


The dog will need daily walks where you make him walk beside or behind you. Grooming only requires regular brushing which can either be done daily or weekly. The dog sheds its coat twice annually. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary so as to conserve the natural oils of the coat.

Average size

Height: 25 to 29 inches

Weight: 100 to 150 pounds

Life expectancy

9 to 15 years

Typical use

Widely used as a family pet and marginally as a working dog

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