Poodle (miniature) Puppies

Poodle (miniature) Puppies

Despite their demur and dainty looks, the Poodle (miniature) dogs have a high stamina and excel in obedience and agility skills. The origin of this dog breed is not clearly known though they have lived in Europe for centuries. This dog is a descendant of the French Water Dog which is now obsolete. It was used as a retrieve by hunters. Today, the San Diego Poodle (miniature) puppies are highly valued as companion dogs for their high intelligence, good manners and great looks.


After grooming, the body of the Poodle (miniature) puppy San Diego is of a square appearance. The dog’s height is equal to its length. It has a moderately rounded skull and definite stop. The muzzle is straight and long. The eyes are dark in color, oval in shape and are set far apart. The eyes can either be brown or black in color. The ears, on the other hand, are long and flat. The legs are in proportion to the dog’s size. The top-line is level.

Poodle (miniature) puppies San Diego carry their tail high. Docking is illegal in Europe. The dewclaws can be removed. The legs have oval-shaped feet that are small and the toes are usually arched. The coat is corded or curly. You can expect all solid coat colors such as gray, blue, black, cream, red, brown, apricot and brown.


In general, the Poodle (miniature) puppy San Diego is a very intelligent and joyful dog. Its intelligence makes it possible to train to a high degree. As a companion dog, this dog is always happy and eager to please. In addition to that, it is clever and comical hence often referred to as a circus dog.

Due to its high intelligence, you need to keep its mind occupied, else it will develop undesirable traits. It cannot live in an outdoor kennel. It craves to be part of the family. It will also need sufficient exercises else it will be high-strung. It is important to understand that this dog breed is prone to the Small Dog Syndrome. It will need a strong pack leader and adequate socialization.

For its size, the San Diego Poodle (miniature) puppy  is a great watchdog. However, if it does not have rules to follow, it may become a barker or aggressive and unfriendly towards kids. The dog needs proper human to canine communication and solid rules to follow.


The Poodle (miniature) puppies San Diego are prone to hip dysplasia, IMHA, PRA, diabetes, heart diseases, epilepsy, ear infections, runny eyes and skin allergies. Regular vet appointments will help curb most of these problems.


The San Diego Poodle (miniature) puppies will need daily walks to shed their high natural energy. He will need to be bathed regularly and clipped at least every 6 to 8 weeks. The ears must be cleaned and checked for infections. The teeth will need scaling. The coat does not shed.

Average size

Height: 11 to 15 inches

Weight: 15 to 17 pounds

Life expectancy

12 to 15 years

Typical use

Companion dog

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