Shih Tzu

 Shih Tzu Puppies

The Shih Tzu is known for its elongated body. It is small in size and sturdy. The dog has a rounded and broad head and a square muzzle which is short. The nose is pretty broad and has well opened nostrils. Liver colored dogs have nose, eyes and lips that are liver in color. The blue dogs, on the other hand, have blue eyes, nose and lips. The nose, lips and eyes are black on dogs with other colors.

When it comes to dentition, the puppy makes a level or under bite. Its large low-set ears fall downwards and are covered in hair. The dog’s straight legs are muscular and well boned. The body is covered in a dense coat which flows downwards. The Shih Tzu is further characterized with an abundant mustache and hair. Often, the hair above the eyes is tied to allow visibility. When shopping for Shih Tzu puppies San Diego, it is important to note that declaws can sometimes be done by the seller.


They can attain a height of 11 inches


The Shih Tzus can weigh 4 to 7 kilograms.


The Shih Tzu puppies are alert and lively small dogs. They are loyal and make friends easily. They are also easy to train since they respond fast. They are playful, courageous, clever and affectionate. They also relate well with other household pets and make it difficult to housebreak because of their courageous and loyal nature.

However, It is common for this breed to develop a ‘small dog syndrome’. This is a condition in which the dog believes it is the boss of humans. This can lead to undesirable behavioral issues. You should define clear rules of the house. Another way to reduce aggressiveness is to take the Shih Tzu puppies San Diego for a walk. This will burn their physical and mental energy to bring out their loyal traits.


Because of the excess body hair, the Shih Tzus need daily grooming with a bristle brush. You have to tie or trim the hair above the eyes for visibility purposes. The ear passages and eyes should always be kept clean to prevent infections.

Health Problems

The dog’s long back and short legs makes it susceptible to spinal disc diseases and slipped stifle. The pet is also prone to ear infections, premature tooth loss and eye problems. The pet also tends to snore and wheeze especially when it has a respiratory infection. You should arrange for frequent medical checkups with the vet. Additionally, restrain from over-feeding the dog; it gains weight easily.

Activity and exercise

Shih Tzu puppies are energetic. If the energy is not used in the right way, they might tend to display unfavorable behaviors. Frequent exercising is recommended. They also enjoy running amok in a safe open area such as a fenced yard.

Life expectancy

With proper care, this dog can live to celebrate its 15th birthday.

Typical use

The Shih Tzus are recommended for the allergy sufferers. They shed minimal to no hair. If well groomed, their hair does not shed skin dander. If you are in need of a perfect home companion that is both loyal and energetic, the Shih Tzu would be a great choice.



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