Welsh Terrier Puppies

Welsh Terrier Puppies

The Welsh terrier puppy San Diego was originally bred to hunt foxes, badgers and rodents. However, since the last century, breeding has been focused on a show dog. Even so, this breed has retained the strength and character of a terrier hence requires a firm and non-aggressive handling. The breed originated from Wales and researchers have placed it as one of the oldest dog breed in the United Kingdom. It makes the list of dog breeds that are in the danger of dying out. Less than 300 pups are registered annually.


The San Diego Welsh terrier puppies look like small Airedale terriers. Their head is rectangular in shape and the muzzle is half the length of the skull. It has a slight stop. The teeth make a scissors bite. The dark brown eyes are almond shaped, small in size and fairly wide set. The ears are V-shaped and fold slightly. The fore legs are straight and round and catlike. The dewclaw may be removed. The top-line is level.

Customarily, the tail is docked. When the docked tail is raised, it is at the same level as the head. It adds to the square appearance of the Welsh terrier puppy San Diego. The breed has a double coat with the undercoat being soft and the outer coat wiry and hard. The eyebrows, beard and mustache is bushy. The coat colors include black & tan and grizzle. There is a black blanket marking on the back. The puppies are born all black and the colors lighten as they mature.


In general, the Welsh terrier puppies San Diego are vigilant, cheerful and very active dogs. They are also intelligent and affectionate. They are mostly considered as pets because of their playfulness, happiness and devotion. The breed is also patient with the kids and will easily stomach rough play. Other than that, it is hardy, courageous, curious and very energetic hence recommended for the active family. The dog will need a lot of exercises else it will develop behavioral problems.

Another important thing to understand about the Welsh terrier puppies San Diego is that they make their own rules hence will be aggressive towards other dogs. They may also be stubborn in nature. If you are not a strong pack leader, they will not respond to you. They also do not do well with harsh disciplining. The key is to exercise and train them from an early age and always make sure you exude natural authority over them.


The breed is mainly prone to skin irritations and eye problems.


Being an energetic dog, the Welsh terrier puppy San Diego will require daily walks or jogs. It will also enjoy playing with a ball. It also loves to chase. When it comes to grooming, the coat needs plucking two to three times a year. Regular grooming should be done using a comb and a brush at least once every week. The San Diego Welsh terrier puppies San Diego shed little to no hair.

Average size

Height: 15 inches

Weight: 20 to 21 pounds

Life expectancy

10 to 12 years

Typical use

Family dog

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