West Highland White Terrier Puppies

West Highland White Terrier Puppies

The West Highland white terrier is also known simply as the Westie. It is a Scottish dog breed that is best known for its distinctive white coat. This is a medium sized terrier though it has longer legs than other Scottish breeds of the terrier. Its double coat is white and fills out the face thereby giving the dog a rounded appearance. Today, most people adopt the West Highland white terrier puppies San Diego for their unique looks and their being great with kids. It is important to understand that this dog will not tolerate rough handling hence the need to supervise when playing with the children.


In appearance, the San Diego West Highland white terrier puppies are small and sturdy. Their head is in proportion to their body and have a rounded appearance when viewed from the front. The muzzle is blunt and shorter than the skull. The muzzle tapers towards the black nose and has a well defined stop. The teeth make a level bite. The eyes are dark brown in color, almond shaped and deep set. The ears are triangular in shape, erect and set wide apart. The legs are short though not low to the ground. The un-docked tail is somewhat short and measures 5 to 6 inches. Dewclaws are removed.

The outer coat of the West Highland white terrier puppy San Diego is straight and hard. It is about 2 inches long. The undercoat is soft and dense. The coat colors are sold white.


The beauty of having a West Highland white terrier puppy San Diego is being able to train him easily. The dog is friendly towards strangers and will get along well with the kids. It is a great travel companion. The breed is self assured towards other dog breeds and will never pick fights if the owner knows how to present the right leadership. The dog will chase cats for fun but this is a trait you can easily correct.

In general, the San Diego West Highland white terrier puppies are high spirited, robust and love human companionship. Despite their small size, they make great watchdogs. All in all, to bring out the best of him, you need to train and socialize him from an early age. The dog loves to bark and dig. You need to watch out for these behaviors and correct them before they take root. You must also understand that the breed is prone to the small dog syndrome.


The main health concerns include liver disease, hip problems, chronic hernias, cherry eye, skin problems and jawbone calcification.


The West Highland white terrier puppies San Diego will need daily walks. You should also take some time to play with him. The coat sheds little to no hair. It will, however, need regular brushing with a bristle brush. Only bathe him when absolutely necessary. The hairs around the eyes and ears should be trimmed with a blunt-nosed pair of scissors. The hairs on the body should also be trimmed every four months.

Average size

Height: 9 to 12 inches

Weight: 13 to 22 pounds

Life expectancy

15 years

Typical use

Companion dog

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